ONCE (inspired by the movie of the same title)

I was fully prepared to fight an old battle
To retreat to the scene of my haunting past
Return to the root of this open wound
To the hollow heart of the one I loved last.
 Back to the city that ripped me down
Resolute and ready and wide awake
To prove that I am worthy to be with her
That her indiscretion was a huge mistake
 Despite my anger I need to impress
Despite myself I wanted her again
Songs about loss and desolate nights
My blind memories of how it was then
 I dream about only the good we had
In another time and in a different place
Yet my lyrics and I seem so alone
It’s how I remained until I saw your face
    And then you changed everything.
 Something feels wrong in all of that
Your reassurance has shown me a light
I seek your substance to feel more alive
Our thoughts connect and it all feels right
 I didn’t recognize the sensation at first
You seemed intrusive in your subtle way
You followed me home like a lost emotion
Then left me lonely when I asked you to stay
 Something in the way that you see me
Naïve and curious and interested and aware
Soaking me in with a wide-eyed thirst
Filling my senses with the words we share
 I found a generous family beside you
A humble and caring and warm place
With the sound of your voice next to mine
Strings and then keys in a selfless embrace
    And you changed everything.
 An ease to your ways that soothed my soul
Inspiring my pen and my fingers and me
Quiet indulgence as familiar as friends
As if we had known it was not meant to be
Parallel lines, never to cross
I can’t react because I can’t understand
Despite my impulse to enter your world
Reality has returned and he has your hand
 So it is time for us to move forward
Leave what we found with nothing to lose
I take a new strength found in our harmony
On to face circumstance and look for my muse
 I left a piece of my life in your hands
You touched my notes in the perfect place
I tried oh so hard not to stare or to cry
As you sang my words with innocent grace
    And you changed everything.
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