Inspired by love.


Soaking it all in with ease

you take my breath away

and my heart flutters…


Like the soft light of a candle

near an open window.

A realization that just feels right.

Like a small shimmering star

on a clear perfect night.


Like the quiver of your soft lips

as our mouths slowly part.

A sensation that tastes sweet.

Like that pure certain moment

when our two bodies meet.


 Soaking it all in with hope

you take my breath away

and my mind wanders…


To the last lingering note

of a song that we’ll embrace.

A common chord that we share.

To the lyric that we both admire

words that trace just where.


To a place we’ll travel together

on a journey to find out more.

Just a short drive from here.

To discovering something special

as new as the first of the year.


 Soaking it all in with care

you take my breath away

and those eyes draw me in…


So close to where you are

and all that I’ve been seeing.

Take my hand as we stride along.

So important to keep you there

in this moment where we belong.


To the experience of how great

that phrase can make us feel.

A comfort to hear and to know.

To more moments just like this

when our true emotions flow.

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