I try to see with perceptive light
A careful view beyond hindsight…
I see it in you, and in what you sayEX TRAIL
Hope resonates with every word
Entirely wrapped up within it all
Yet not entirely self-assured.
Calm in manner inside of herself
Marking her trail for safe retrace
She never leaves if unprepared
A need to know at quickened pace
Life drives her when things get stale
Attention to detail on awesome scale
An uphill climb, just setting out
That first plateau with easy hope
Site unseen on the downward side
Loose impediments, a slippery slope
Independence in her nature’s will
And a new horizon over every hill

Slingshot branches, transparent webs
Broken limbs and exposed roots
Washed out paths, sideways jumps
Strategic moves to keep dry boots
A different challenge with every day
Taking careful steps along the way
A peaceful rest on level ground trail3
Settling beside the brush she clears
Hues of tranquility, natural surround
Her sighing breath the last she hears
Then some scurry sounds with subtle fury
She takes her while, there is no hurry
I see it in you, in that moment alone
With solitary sigh you soak it all in
Just as soon, you get up and go
That’s just how it’s always been.
I always want to see you hit your stride
And I can always be right by your side.
I see it in you, in your ups and downs
Energy measure like metronome
Musical reminders are all around
A withdrawn place that you call home.
His every day has sharps and flats IMG_20130617_111637
Soothed alone along sliding scales
Open notes, with pedals and picks
His hopes reverb in guitar wails
Craftsman hands on razor strings
Sometime remains for loftier things
A shell outside his former self
Rhythm section his toe tap feet
Strums alone against this world
Internal bass, a heart-felt beat
Suspended existence inside bare walls
His spirits rise, but his body falls
Under an influence beyond his reach
Buys the ticket he should not afford
A melodic journey away from it all
Familiar refrain that strikes a chord
He collects his tools and ingests facts
Hones his craft with an altered axe
His visions of grandeur get him going Seen amp
But out of sorts he stops too soon
Amplified illusions make double time
His insides churn, but they’re out of tune
A missing element that bonds great bands
Faltering instrument, it’s out of his hands
I see it in you, in that moment alone
With solitary sigh you soak it all in
Just as soon, you lose get up and go
It seems just how it’s always been
I always want to see you at your best
And I am always here to discuss the rest.

                                                  G.G. October 10/12
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