I take a moment to reflect…
on the way she makes me feelLucid Lana 2
on her natural sexual appeal.
Exquisite eyes, a lucid mirror
and it’s what I see that’s real.

More to her that meets my eyes…
her curves where shape should be
her smile that stays with me.
Wisps of hair, a playful gaze
and imperfections I choose to see.

Wanting just to hold her close…
an instinctive need to protect
an urge that I did not expect.
She seems so alive, a pure soul
and a heart I won’t neglect.

With simple gestures and glances…
we share a moment of know
we see the path and take it slow.
Hand to cheek, a tender touch
and a bond that can only grow.

Back to the proper beginning…
to this place of hopeful and true
to this spark of me and you.
Starting with fun, on level ground
and this sense of something new.

Absence elevates our hungry minds…
so we satisfy what we implore
so we can barely close the door.
Enough for two, a passionate pair
and an appetite for so much more

Expectations set aside for both our sakes…
in an effort to suppress a race
in our steady measured pace.
Discovery our friend, a companion piece
and reservations that hold our place.

There’s only so much to say…
when we are in the new and now
when life controls what we allow.
Wishful words, a stop-gap measure
and the bridge to when and how.

No real hurry now that we know…
there is this time that’s on our side
there is much more we haven’t tried.
Lets enjoy each moment, a life journey
and just sit back and enjoy the ride.

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