If you fall…

I will pick you up and carry you to comfort.
Wipe away your hurt and put you at ease.

Make the difference from before to after…
Turn all of your pain into careful laughter.Try3

If you struggle…
I will help you to forget about your worries. 
Gather up your anxiety and take it far away.

Simply listen and make it clear that I’ve heard…
Replace your sad thoughts with just the right word.
If you need…
I will provide you with everything that I have to share.
The whole of my heart and a shoulder to lean on.

Be there with you entirely in spirit and mind…
Give you all that I am, and all I can find.

If you doubt…
I will make sure that you know that all is well.
Be the epitome and embodiment of positive thought.

Show you the future and all that is great…
Reassure you that hopes are never too late.

If you forget…
I will remember to tell you how respected you are.
Always be there to ensure that you know .

Make it ever clear with these words that I say …tree.jpg
I will remind you that I love you, each and every day.

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