If only I could dedicate my days

To do the thing that gives me pride
This creative craft that makes me whole…
If only my time was on my side.

Writing always gives me strength
When life seems like a dizzying climb
I ascend alone and seek the summit
Up and over, one word at a time

I summon my resolve and determination
The impetus is change and personal growth
To inspire and aspire, impress and express
My selfish vow and impassioned oath

No editing of heart or of soul
No compromise and no limitation
Getting out of the way of my intuition
To empty my reserve of imagination

The freedom to empty my mind
To fill the page with all I am seeing
With every breath of my inspiration
With all of the blood of my being


A place to go inside of my head
Where ideas co-exist and are free to roam
Where opinions and emotions can come and go
A place where we can all call home

Words to illustrate what I am thinking
The vivid thoughts and lucid scenes
Creating something entirely tangible
What I am feeling and what it means

I take my need for words personally
And it’s the inspiration that I thirst
A hunger that I should feed daily
A craving to please myself first

Writing gives me second chances
To fill the page with what I have seen
I get to relive this life experience
I get to revisit where I have been

If only I could dedicate my days
To make my living where I reside
My mind could breathe and words would flow…
If only my time was on my side.

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  1. Perhaps you will eventually have the opportunity to dedicate your days my friend…Great stuff!



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