I have always been an avid writer and I am inspired to write by the people and events in my life. I am an emotional dude who sees only value in sharing his thoughts and letting those who affect him know exactly what they mean to him.
       I am the divorced father of two daughters in their teens and always encourage them to be open and honest and to express their feelings to those who need to know. They are fun and genuine.
        I  found a renewed burst of inspiration, in a past relationship, and she encouraged me to “get my writing out there”.  Am also trying to expand my horizons by using my own photos to enhance my work. (Unless otherwise noted)
        Life has brought me to where I am now…with a world of experiences all around me and with friends and family who inspire.
         This blog will grow as I grow. After all, that is what writing, and life, are all about.

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  1. Write, write, write, never give up what your soul needs. Sending you along to FB and Twitter. Good luck and thank you for following my blog. Ann

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