Buddy Holly

That’ll be the day
when you say good-bye.
That’ll be the day
when you make me cry…
Cause that’ll be the day
When I die.”

That’ll be the day
That no one will forget.
A star fell from the sky.
as your whole world slept…
and your first guitar wept.

A person so talented
whose life was too brief
has a special place in history
Admiration subdues our grief.
An artist ahead of his time
His true love ways not gone
You died before your destiny
though your melodies live on.

In just eighteen months
you firmly inscribed your name
in the records unbreakable
that symbolize your fame…
and immortalize your name.

It matters more than ever
just how much that you meant
A brown-eyed handsome man
with a gift of song heaven-sent.
It’s so easy to fall in love
words of love soft and true
A passion for your music
and a girl named Peggy Sue.

Oh boy your heart beat
shall never fade away,
though it`s raining in our hearts
your legend shall never sway…
memories live as records play.

Wish you were still with us
Rave On and Well…All Right
Maybe Baby like no other
you`re with us day and night.
Words can merely understate
your genius and your voice
Think it over and over
God blessed us but made a choice.

Legends in the business
have been swayed by your tune
In our thoughts there is a chorus
for a man who died too soon…
who almost touched the moon.

Death but not destruction
has removed a guitar string
Life has ended. Music lives
and birds will always sing.

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