I have tried to put myself where you are
To imagine how all of this must make you feel.
To imagine all you must be thinking
as you sit down, with us, to share in a meal.
When something as vital as all of this,
questions you’ve carried and could no longer conceal,
becomes something now that actually is.
Something uncertain, that is suddenly real.

Unanswered questions, so near to your life
The persistent glimmer, as you have grown
Many thought-filled nights, lying in bed,
with a glimpse of the truth, beside an unknown
All of the trappings of everyday normalcy,
family and friends and the seeds you have sewn
Childhood innocence, and then adolescence
An adult, then a mom, with a family of your own

Ongoing years, learning a little at a time
Altered details of who you had hoped to meet
Your husband’s hand, and love and support,
and a wondering heart’s determined beat
Through family trees, into family histories
From informative emails to a signature on a sheet
Back and forth, and around and around,
until your elusive circle is near to complete

In the comfort of somewhere that feels familiar
Together, at long last, on the Huron shore
On a Wednesday in May, at a Goderich gathering,
of open minds, through an open door
With all of your rights, and your revelations,
and all the years that were too much to ignore
After all of the clues, and then the confirmation,
you finally catch up to all that came before

Along with all of the realities of a good life to here,
there is the calm in knowing you have even more.

We sincerely hope this all feels completely real.
And that we have helped to make it easier for you.
We also look forward to our next time together,
whenever that may be, whatever we may do.
And I think that I can speak for all of us,
for your extra, additional family…and for our mother too,
when I say that whatever your life’s wishes are,
we hope that at least one of them has now come true.



It is no longer elementary,
as time moves on…

From that age of innocence
and its carefree pace
To a greater challenge 
and a larger place
Taking along with it
the simplicity of that age
Anticipation, for the next act
on a ever-growing stage

No longer rudimentary,
as time moves on…IMG_20150625_114610[1]

To the high school years
and all that entails
Forming new friendships
and blazing new trails
Learning how to balance
an education, and the new
An ever-evolving perspective
and an ever-changing you

You’ll find it’s complementary,
as time moves on…

Years that work together
each with a vital role
Then and now, and next
are elements of the wholeIMG_20150625_115003[1]
Experiences and memories
are the parts to your sum
They make you who you are
and who you will become

…as time moves on



Oh red-skied morning
Calm before the storm
A sailor man so gentle
with smiling eyes so warmOcean2
The tides of life drift away,
as a lonesome breeze blows,
the loving soul of Michael
to the sea where it flows


Young enough to wonder why
In dreams, alone, far too deep
Old enough to sense the void

In the echoes of this silent sleep

Submerged inside my growing mind
Unable to fathom, or to let him go
Unwilling to accept the reality of loss
With all of the things I was yet to know


The sailor man and his spirit
flow from shore to unfamiliar shore
While understanding lays dormant
on a bottomless ocean floor
And the tides of life will drift away
as that lonesome breeze blows
the loving soul of Michael
to the sea where it goesNY Ship


Sunshine on mindful waters
Reflections are a lingering light
Despite the ever painful flickering
of fate, and wrong, and right

Though easier now to understand,
you were gone far too soon for me
Yet, your love of life is forever there
in the image I will always see


Oh red-skied morning
Calm before the storm
Always there if we need you,
memories are safe and warm
The tides of life drift away
to a port that no one knows
While the kind soul of Michael
rides the sea to where it flows.


His kindness and spirit are never gone…
because the waves move on and on.


G.G. November/87
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