There is a prevailing appeal
when I follow my instincts
This sense of significance
when we are apart
A persuasive force
that brings us together
It is this fascination
that grips my heart

There is a powerful pull
when I reach for you
This sense of enticement
that draws me near
An energy between us
when we’re together
It is to this positive attraction
that we must adhere

There is a quality to time
when we’re together
This sense of purpose
 that says we should be
An assurance in knowing
that we fit together
It is this realization
that stays with me

There is a healthy impatience
when I am waiting
This sense of expectation
with no pretenses
An excitement in knowing
that we’ll be together
It is this anticipation
that awakens my senses

There is a heartfelt relief
when I hear the door
This sensation of warmth
when I find you there
A comfort in knowing
that we are here together
It is this appreciation
that we will always share

There is a strength in numbers
when we’re together
 This sense of resolve
when it’s you with me
An undeniable bond
that we hold together
It is this real connection
that will always be.




If only I could dedicate my days

To do the thing that gives me pride
This creative craft that makes me whole…
If only my time was on my side.

Writing always gives me strength
When life seems like a dizzying climb
I ascend alone and seek the summit
Up and over, one word at a time

I summon my resolve and determination
The impetus is change and personal growth
To inspire and aspire, impress and express
My selfish vow and impassioned oath

No editing of heart or of soul
No compromise and no limitation
Getting out of the way of my intuition
To empty my reserve of imagination

The freedom to empty my mind
To fill the page with all I am seeing
With every breath of my inspiration
With all of the blood of my being


A place to go inside of my head
Where ideas co-exist and are free to roam
Where opinions and emotions can come and go
A place where we can all call home

Words to illustrate what I am thinking
The vivid thoughts and lucid scenes
Creating something entirely tangible
What I am feeling and what it means

I take my need for words personally
And it’s the inspiration that I thirst
A hunger that I should feed daily
A craving to please myself first

Writing gives me second chances
To fill the page with what I have seen
I get to relive this life experience
I get to revisit where I have been

If only I could dedicate my days
To make my living where I reside
My mind could breathe and words would flow…
If only my time was on my side.




When we actually met is when I first noticed

Those intangible qualities that set you apart

Expressive and honest and full of life

I was struck by your beauty from the very start.

The importance of your friends and your family

I saw it then and it still holds true

The way you light up when you speak of them

And I know how much they see in you.

Taking your children to new heights

To see the world that you can see

A panoramic view of hopes and dreams

Of all that there is and more that could be.

You realize how to get the most out of life

You understand what it is all about

Sharing your generous heart and soul

So beautiful… inside and out.

It feels good to have you be my side

Your love and support are never far

You are real and passionate and so much fun

Who I had hoped for, is who you are.

You handle situations in your unique way

With nervous laughter instead of tears

But with never an ounce of insincerity

I can feel your pains and sense your fears.

That certain way that you express yourself

An informed opinion in a sure but calming shout

And just as quickly you exude compassion

So beautiful… inside and out.

Whenever I think of you my heart races

I smile with a sigh when we meet at the door

I know I will always want to take care of you

Give you all that I have, and so much more.

Because you always take the positive approach

Put others’ happiness in front of your own

You are kind and giving and you fill my life

The most beautiful person I have ever known.

There is so much that I love about you

I am confident in us and I have no doubt

You are my lover, my friend and you are my muse

You are so beautiful… inside and out.



Sometimes life can bring you down
and painful realities can leave a scar
Do not let anything take the best of you
and never walk away from who you are

Every day is a battle when we let it be
memories will stay and moments pass by
But every one of us has reasons to live
and every person has the will to try.

This world is incredible and challenging and fun
and the best of your dreams could come true
Yet you run the risk of missing out
if you don’t start by believing in you

Try to always live your best life
Seize opportunity and you will realize why
Try to be the person who makes you happy
and always try to at least try.

Capture the realization…

I know you have had your struggles
and felt the affects of a life-altering fall
You will find the determination to reascend
and gather the balance to stand up tall

Reach out and capture that realization
smile with pride when you make it through
You will get past all of the ups and downs
and will remember what I know to be true

I see the strength you carry inside
and I see the fight in your eyes
I have felt the fire of your ambition
I see the determination, the will, the tries.

You have helped me to battle also
for every feeling and every sensation
Helped me to see the big picture
and to capture this realization…

I realize that nothing is forever
and life can race by so fast
Each and every moment that passes
is one that I can’t get back

Searching within the recesses of me
I find that place where ambition lurks
Emerging out of a well of reservation
I discover how great that trying works

Every minute lost without an effort
is sixty more seconds out of the sun
Every hour I spend in the clouds
is sixty more minutes of potential fun

Taking each chance and every adventure
I will run with them until I am spent
Then reflect upon the entire experience
and bask in the glow of how well it went

Try to always live my best life
Seize the opportunities and challenge why
Try to be a person who keeps on realizing
and always try to at least try.


Faith Books

We are here to celebrate in the eyes of their maker
We are here to join two good people as man and wife
To put a righteous stamp on their first page together
To share guidance and guidelines for the rest of their life

We are here to say good-bye to the dearly departed
The volunteer, the neighbour, the follower, the friend
So easy to find solace and comfort in their collective loss
After they hear of the peace she had found near the end

I watch intently as the representative speaks
Certain, as he, that he lives by every word
I look around to find the faces of that same belief
It’s the story that binds them and what they’ve heard

The words one subscribes to can define who we are
The right inspiration might be found in another book
We should choose to learn more about good not evil
Search for more of the positive, wherever we look

No where does it say that faith and war should collide
Why can’t those people use their passive voice
Why can’t believers follow the peace they entrust
It isn’t so written in their document of choice

I smile for those who have found their way
And I feel for the ones who think they are lost
I worry for the those neither here nor there
And I fear for the ones whose faith has a cost

Never have I ever considered drastic measures
Even through the depths of my lowest of lows
Seasons change and people pass by like a breeze
Our lives are cyclical and that’s just how it goes

Whenever I ask myself Why me? or Why them?
When life brings me down and when times are tough
I can find my own faith in those whom I love
In family and friends, I find faith enough

I find my inner peace on level ground
A foundation of family that helps me to cope
Inherent building blocks of a lifetime so far
A life that I balance with experience and hope

My faith comes from the truth and my own need to know
I don’t require a symbol for who I should be
I draw upon the best I see in myself and others
I have faith in my choice, and I choose to believe in me

Affecting (I)



An influential soul can affect a life.  If we are lucky, someone comes along when we are lost or misplaced and makes an impression that lasts a lifetime.  Sometimes all we need is a boost or a new idea to get us going on our way.  Your situation may be altered by their inspiration, motivation, imagination or subtle persuasion.    It is those people who realize that their influence has possibilities – and who realize that possibilities are endless — who affect lives.  Quite often it is a teacher…who is that influential soul.

Making a difference in this world
by sharing the unique inside of you
That place where experiences live
And understanding comes into view.
Where common sense prevails
Expressed in uncommon ways
When your perception turns a page
Invigorating their future days.
Every year brings the chance to restart
Just beginning for this group of anew
Clean and fresh handful of malleable clay
Molding with character the essence of you.
To influence a next wave of inclination
Possibilities seem endless despite the clock
Pleasant surprises as you open new doors
You are welcomed in, yet you always knock.
Doing your level best
to reduce their uphill climb…
to put reason with the rhyme.
Taking it upon yourself to affect…
The right person at the right time.
You matter over impressionable minds
It’s the substance that’s in your style
An ability to inspire a want to aspire
The way your ways make them smile.
Days in your work and nights in your home
Reaching out to theirs and affecting yours
Enhancing their urge to take on the world
Lessening the ‘lesses’ and motivating the mores.
Doing your level best
to reduce their uphill climb…
putting some reason with the rhyme.
Safe at home in your happy place…
The right person at the right time.
It might be only one simple gesture
That changes their course of things
One turn of phrase or turn in the road
Or one solid notion that a teacher brings.
Inspiration found in subtle persuasion
Motivation in the way we shine the light
Imagination in the eyes of tomorrow
Often as simple as wrong versus right.
Making a difference in this world
by sharing the life inside of you
That place where experience lies
And humility comes into view.
Where common sense prevails
Expressed in uncommon ways
When your perception turns a page
And it affects their future days.
Doing your level best
to reduce their uphill climb
to put reason with the rhyme…
An unselfish stamp on a life…
The right person at the right time.




Freedom rides alone, alive
Down the roads we seldom take
Tight corners past river banks
Leaving limitations in our wake.
Majestic forests line the way
Sweeping landscape to who we are
Time immersed villages we travel through
Long and winding path for our lives so far.
Things we see, things we now know
How we experience and how we grow
The subtle splendors in every direction
Nowhere too high, nowhere too low.
Energized by inspiration, alive
Books that subsist inside our head
Ideas captured in vivid perception
Engrained vision of what’s been read.
Imagination fed by savory words
Hungry minds consume and then digest
Eager pages and palatable phrases
A comfort food course in a life long quest.
Things we taste, things we retain
How we evolve and how we remain
Until something new that consumes us
Nourishes our heart, nourishes our brain.
People who awaken us, alive
Those we meet who touch our being
That encourage our need to take a look
Alter the perception of what we’re seeing.
Opening our minds to welcome sights
Fulfilled by fantasies within our scope
An insightful view of why we exist
That giving person who thrives on hope.
Things we notice, things we cherish
Special qualities that we embrace
A crash course on how to thrive
Cloudless view of a peaceful place.
Affirmation brings me around, alive
Back to the adventure that I deserve
This awesome world of anticipations
Thoughts that stimulate my every nerve.
Fed by knowledge and understanding
Influenced by those we encounter each day
Absorbing the world we choose to live in
Yearning and learning along the way.
Things we thrive on, things we feel
How we accept and how we relate
Changing the course on this life’s road
Can’t even guess, can hardly wait.


Outside the kitchen window
I see a painted sky.
A wind wipes the canvas clean
and the clouds roll on by.

    That’s how I know.

A sense of calm anticipation
No more lows. No more highs.
A warm sip of creative coffee
and my entire body sighs.
    That’s how I know.

    How I know…
In the zone, a perfect place.
    How I know…
I can feel the smile on my face.
    That’s how I know.

Started out with some Melon
Took the stress from my neck
Allmans and some Humble Pie
Feelin’ All Right on deck.

Something to bring with me
An inspiration, a texture, a word
The taste of thoughtful food
and the last note I heard.
    That’s how I know.

    How I know…
I’m ready and on my way
    How I know…
I feel the moment as I play.

Nothing quite compares
to this feeling that I know.
It echoes all around me
It satisfies my soul.

It resonates inside of me
And the creative juices flow
Mind and body harmonize
    That is how I know.


She has this certain calm.
A gentle way of turning phrase
A quiet comfort attitude
An ease to her ways.

Life’s rule is seldom fair
At times downright cruel
And painful necessary choices
Bring fire from this fuel

Battered and forever bruised
Survival has made her strong
She’s fought true demons
So much right, so much wrong


Yet, she has this certain calm.
A pleasant view of her storm
A quiet comfort magnitude
A serenity of safe and warm.

Nurturing through years of turmoil
Is hard enough alone
Raising a child in her world
Grinds patience to the bone
She has to portray positivity
From a negative point of view
Has to shoulder all of the weight
And carry enough for two

Still, she has this certain calm.
A peaceful, subtle grace
A quiet comfort solitude
A gentle smile, a pretty face.

There is just something about her
An aura of ‘welcome here’
Her hazy eyes are happy
Her heart is crystal clear
 Every day is still a struggle
New challenges, same fears
You just know she’ll make it
She’s earned some happy years


Because she has this certain calm.
A sure sense of what is real
A quiet comfort attitude
A spiritual, contagious even keel…

A comfortable way to feel.

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