I have become an introvert
But I’m trying to change my ways
Started to externalize more
Over the last several days…

 Been spending far less time
Lingering, inside of my head
Taking more time to appreciate
The outside world instead

 Instead of just walking past
In the usual workplace huff
I look up and acknowledge people
It’s really brilliant stuff

It’s amazing to see the effect
Of  a ‘thank you’ or a simple ‘hello’
These basic acts of kindness
Should not be need to know.

I will strive to be a kinder man
Take the positive wherever I go
Tell people that I appreciate them
Whenever they should know…

 When I witness a kind act
I will make a point of telling
When someone exacts a hefty price
I won’t buy what they’re selling

Easier to shrug off the predictable
Laugh, at what seems strange
I will accept it for what it is
Smile, in the name of change

 Catch the humour of situations
When life throws me curves
Think that maybe it’s just me
When people get on my nerves.

 If I am too busy to bother
I will get out of my own way
Leaving room for more positive
To join me every day…

 Stop driving myself crazy
Stop using excuses as a shield
Taking myself to a better place
Less stop signs, more yield

I will hold the door for people
Compliment them whenever I can
Put others before myself
Be a strong and proud man

Invite meaningful discussion
Let other opinions go ahead
Be firm in my belief
That conversation is not dead.

I had been missing too much
In the dark with mostly me
Lost sight of who I am
Was blind, but now I see…

I will live more fully in the now
With less rewind, and more play
Less of my time internalizing
Less worrying, and more say

If I like it, I’ll let you know
If I don’t, too bad for me
The best of me is easy going
That’s how all of me needs to be

Will spend less time in my head
Less dwelling on what was
Stop taking myself so seriously
When no one else does.

Sky for SURE



I hear it far too oftenIMG_20150710_175055[1]
And I shudder to the bone
People, speaking down to people
In a condescending tone

Experts, or so they think
On every single subject known
They read it or heard about it once
So, there’s a condescending tone

Discussions are rendered pointless
Opinions matter, but theirs alone
Never are they actually listening
Then, the condescending toneIMG_20150710_175544[1]

Everything has to be just so
Valid options are only their own
It’s their way or the highway
Hence, the condescending tone

It’s a sure way to push me away
Each word spouted makes me moan
I associate just hearing their name
With their condescending tone

So now I simply avoid them
Don’t even consider answering the phone
I see their number, I hear their drivelIMG_20150710_184225[1]
And that condescending tone

I suppose if you are reading this
And you fit into that horrendous zone
You are now speaking condescendingly
About my condescending tone

So, you are now subjecting someone else
To your irritating, nails on a chalkboard drone
You, You…are a double negative, personified
You…with your never-ending, self-centering,
mind bending, touching every nerve ending,
common sense offending, accidentally called
a fax machine that’s sending…
condescending tone

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