Leaves piled beneath a wind worn oak
An endless view from where I stand
My sigh, evident in the crispness of the day
The peculiar pleasure of rake in hand

The lingering urge to leap into the fray
Same fresh exuberance of when I was a boy
Knowing, that a hardy bowl of soup awaits
Reward, for doing what I secretly enjoy

More than enough work for my mind to wander
To ruminate, about this unique time of year
To soak in the scenery all around me
To gather my thoughts as night draws near.

A singular spirit that is uniquely autumn

Sights, and smells, that awaken the senses
Fields lined with every shade of the season
Yellows bursting through hillside fences

Glistening between the shadows
The eventual arrival of sun‘s first light
Rising graciously to greet the horizon
Colours that never seem so bright

Autumn 1

A harvest of many luminous hues 
Of fiery orange and peach gold
The great art of our autumn
Blazing red in a scarlet bold

Musky bouquets that fill your nose
Arrows of geese in a unison of shrill
Maples, cloaked in a blanket of now
Sunny days that belie the chill

As October’s splendor slowly unfurls

The breeze provides what spring needs
While colours dance, and then embrace
Nature plants her yearly seeds

Trees, baring themselves to the elements
Leaves, drifting to the morning frost
Slowly dying, yet fragrant still
Paying their annual recurrent cost

With the sharp bite of November winds
A steady sway, and the boughs splinter
The crisp breath of autumn hastened
By the gasp of approaching winter


The snap of broken branches underfoot
Kindling, for an awaiting flame
Brisk nights, with the whiff of fire
Warm clothes that smell the same

The clarity of the evening sky
Then black and abrupt, as night falls
Stars aligned, on a moonlit canvas
An air of promise that darkness calls

Autumn sings with resounding refrain
  Saying good-bye, with a flashy final show
A spectacular display of fall boldness
Before the barren white of silent snow

Todays leaves are bagged and set aside

The colours faint, under that same moon
The cold days of December approach
But tomorrow will echo today’s tune.




I found in her that second chance…
Opened up my heart to real romance
A long clouded image had come into view
A great next life with someone new
I knew very quickly and without a doubt
So beautiful, inside and out
Dared to imagine what might be
I put it all out there for her to see
Love and happiness united again
 Lost sight of never and discovered when
A future together for us both to explore…
A second chance for so much more.

He speaks about his second chance…

A gift of patience, and of circumstance
 Dispiriting years of just getting by
Of wondering if and wondering why
Creative talents suppressed by his debt
Burdened by unfeasible and not just yet
Consigned to a life so near to his dreams
  But possible is not always as far as it seems
The right person noticed what we all knew
 Finally doing what he was meant to do
I smile when I hear about his smile…
A second chance well worth his while.

Second chances that make us pause…

Just too close, and just because
The end as near as a slippery ledge
Precariously tumbling over the edge
Confined alone in a submerged car
A near fatal miss that reached so far
Timing and fortune saved her then
Bringing her back to start again
A young life, an unexpected turn
Another opportunity to grow and learn
Miraculous escape from the ultimate cost…
A second chance when hope seemed lost

A second chance to become friends…

Made the effort by making amends
Lost years gone, without a word
Good times erased by what was heard
  A misunderstanding that got intense
Something small that became immense
You knew what to do and what to say
One conversation packed it all away
Stubborn pride, no need to plead or beg
Simply putting the chicken before the egg
Breathing life back into something good…
A second chance because you should

See tomorrow as your second chance…

To make a change, to take a stance
Strong steps toward your goal
To be resolute in mind and soul
To know and grow, and strive and see
Dare to imagine what could be
Seek out life from barren soil
Extract enrichment from its daily toil
Take what’s worn and make it new
 Seize the courage to be true to you
Bound forward and learn from the past… 
   Your next chance could be your last

Sky for SURE

Affecting (I)



An influential soul can affect a life.  If we are lucky, someone comes along when we are lost or misplaced and makes an impression that lasts a lifetime.  Sometimes all we need is a boost or a new idea to get us going on our way.  Your situation may be altered by their inspiration, motivation, imagination or subtle persuasion.    It is those people who realize that their influence has possibilities – and who realize that possibilities are endless — who affect lives.  Quite often it is a teacher…who is that influential soul.

Making a difference in this world
by sharing the unique inside of you
That place where experiences live
And understanding comes into view.
Where common sense prevails
Expressed in uncommon ways
When your perception turns a page
Invigorating their future days.
Every year brings the chance to restart
Just beginning for this group of anew
Clean and fresh handful of malleable clay
Molding with character the essence of you.
To influence a next wave of inclination
Possibilities seem endless despite the clock
Pleasant surprises as you open new doors
You are welcomed in, yet you always knock.
Doing your level best
to reduce their uphill climb…
to put reason with the rhyme.
Taking it upon yourself to affect…
The right person at the right time.
You matter over impressionable minds
It’s the substance that’s in your style
An ability to inspire a want to aspire
The way your ways make them smile.
Days in your work and nights in your home
Reaching out to theirs and affecting yours
Enhancing their urge to take on the world
Lessening the ‘lesses’ and motivating the mores.
Doing your level best
to reduce their uphill climb…
putting some reason with the rhyme.
Safe at home in your happy place…
The right person at the right time.
It might be only one simple gesture
That changes their course of things
One turn of phrase or turn in the road
Or one solid notion that a teacher brings.
Inspiration found in subtle persuasion
Motivation in the way we shine the light
Imagination in the eyes of tomorrow
Often as simple as wrong versus right.
Making a difference in this world
by sharing the life inside of you
That place where experience lies
And humility comes into view.
Where common sense prevails
Expressed in uncommon ways
When your perception turns a page
And it affects their future days.
Doing your level best
to reduce their uphill climb
to put reason with the rhyme…
An unselfish stamp on a life…
The right person at the right time.



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