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Driving along Highway 7,
life occurs to me
Back roads of memories
there within my reach

Faces, names and places,
days and nights that have been
Notions, moments and emotions,
those felt, and those seen

Reminiscent smiles
that spread across my face
Securing those memories
in their proper place

Pausing, at an intersection,
 I’ve been many times before,
I roll down the windows
to welcome in some more

I refocus to the distance,
searching for what’s to be
Toward the next turn,
and what’s to come for me

Transition guides me on,
to roads I’ve yet to tread
The journey of this life,
with many curves ahead

Highway 7 possibilities,
take me wherever you may
Memories in my rear view
Many more are on my way

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Clear ahead with the awakening dawn
One last kiss leaves me with you
Freshly made coffee warms my way
Freshly made memory in my rear view

An internal calm so long in coming
A tranquility inside with room to grow
Beams of light are in lucid sight
Waves of wonders I want to know

The snow dances in my headlights
My destination beyond the misty haze
More accustomed with every turn
More familiar with both our ways

Heading home on this winding road
The same path that led me to you
Content in knowing I will be back soon
Holding steady, at ten and two.

Even more vivid on this perfect morning
The sunrise illuminates nature’s ease
Every nuance greets my welcome eyes
I feel the silence and embrace my peace

Another beautiful day lies straight ahead
Trees sway as a gentle breeze drifts by
I can see patches of blue in the distance
As the horizon rises to meet the sky

Something is certain in either direction
This unclouded vision whether from or to
A picture framed in my front windshield
An increasingly clear vista of me with you

Finding  perspective on this winding road
Following the path that led me to you
Secure with my solid grip on today
Holding steady, at ten and two.


Certain of this route I have chosen again
And with the love for you I always bring
Knowing anticipation hastens my return
Though I am in no hurry to miss a thing

Sparse towns have become rich in meaning
They seem so different since that day we met
Houses and stores and hillside fences
Each one more significant the nearer I get

Music accompanies me as I make my way
Energizing and inspiring as it fills my car
I find you in the words that accompany me
Heartfelt reminders that we are never too far


Finding harmony on this winding road
Confident path leading back to you
Feeling safe with a firm grasp on today
Holding steady, at ten and two.

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