If this is it,
then so it shall be.
I want you to know,
it means a lot to me.


Lining up at the campus pub

1985, a cold stubby in my hand
Doors would eventually open
No cover, for a cool cover band
Some suggested Jim Morrison
Felt more like a Rolling Stone
A mix of B-sides and originals
The hip vibe, definitely their own

A different stage, Lakeview Manor
People from miles around
A fan base that had grown
Along with their singular sound
An E.P and a break-through
Up To Here, and it was time to go
As good as each next album was
It was more about the live show

Passing on some arena gigs
Four of us, in my father’s car 
Five and a half hours south
The Hip experience, in an unhip bar
Taking a break from winter
With our Canadian content in tow
Sharing our rock n roll landscape
With those who might not know.

A slice of our identity
A uniquely Canadian sound
Taking our reciprocal pride
and passing it around

No matter where this life takes you
it’s good to know
that you can always come home…
Back to your family and your friends
with stories of where you’ve been
To the harmony of your hometown
To where you always begin
Accompanied by the music of your life,
that defines you from within.

Outside at The Forum, August ’93

Bigger stage, overflowing crowd
The same electric atmosphere
For the appreciative and proud
Reconnected with a great friend
Gary and Hodgie, the Queen’s years
Kingston to Toronto, and back
A hug, The Hip, and a couple of beers

A common thread of identity
The words, drums, the guitars
Intimate and intertwined
under a constellation of stars

Fast forward 25 years, Ottawa

Tailgating, second to last show
We are raucous, we are ready
Inspired by what we know
A brave, triumphant journey
Our home and our native land
Man Machine Poem, and mutual respect 
The storyteller, their crowd, this band

It’s not about patriotic pathos
It’s a celebration, for 30 plus years
It’s new songs mixed with older
Rhythmic recollection, maybe a few tears
It’s whole cities of support
An entire country, and its heart
Lyrically linked, together as one
Joined at the Hip, from the start.

The strength of our identity20170731_185540
The pulse of a nation
A Tragically Hip tune
on a radio station

No matter where the music takes you

it’s good to know
You can always come home…
Back to those perennial seeds,

the ones you chose to sew
Firmly planted, in hometown soil
The seeds that helped you grow
Pride, a poet, and a band of brothers,
home for one more show.

Last night…     

A front row seat in Port Perry
It’s Scotty, Tim, Peter and me
A musical postcard from Kingston
The Tragically Hip, in a pub, for free
Honoured guest at a party for all of us
August 20, 2016, a tall pint, a toast, a sip
A thoughtfully wrapped three-hour gift
To Canada, with love, from The Hip.

If that was it,
then so it shall be.
I want you to know,
it meant the world to me.

Thank you.
Kingston, ON
August 21, 2016











Buddy Holly

That’ll be the day
when you say good-bye.
That’ll be the day
when you make me cry…
Cause that’ll be the day
When I die.”

That’ll be the day
That no one will forget.
A star fell from the sky.
as your whole world slept…
and your first guitar wept.

A person so talented
whose life was too brief
has a special place in history
Admiration subdues our grief.
An artist ahead of his time
His true love ways not gone
You died before your destiny
though your melodies live on.

In just eighteen months
you firmly inscribed your name
in the records unbreakable
that symbolize your fame…
and immortalize your name.

It matters more than ever
just how much that you meant
A brown-eyed handsome man
with a gift of song heaven-sent.
It’s so easy to fall in love
words of love soft and true
A passion for your music
and a girl named Peggy Sue.

Oh boy your heart beat
shall never fade away,
though it`s raining in our hearts
your legend shall never sway…
memories live as records play.

Wish you were still with us
Rave On and Well…All Right
Maybe Baby like no other
you`re with us day and night.
Words can merely understate
your genius and your voice
Think it over and over
God blessed us but made a choice.

Legends in the business
have been swayed by your tune
In our thoughts there is a chorus
for a man who died too soon…
who almost touched the moon.

Death but not destruction
has removed a guitar string
Life has ended. Music lives
and birds will always sing.

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