It is no longer elementary,
as time moves on…

From that age of innocence
and its carefree pace
To a greater challenge 
and a larger place
Taking along with it
the simplicity of that age
Anticipation, for the next act
on a ever-growing stage

No longer rudimentary,
as time moves on…IMG_20150625_114610[1]

To the high school years
and all that entails
Forming new friendships
and blazing new trails
Learning how to balance
an education, and the new
An ever-evolving perspective
and an ever-changing you

You’ll find it’s complementary,
as time moves on…

Years that work together
each with a vital role
Then and now, and next
are elements of the wholeIMG_20150625_115003[1]
Experiences and memories
are the parts to your sum
They make you who you are
and who you will become

…as time moves on



When I break it all down
and one plus one
equals two
When I simplify
the simplicities
of me and you
The commonalities
are love
and respect
Nothing more to say
nothing less
to expect

When we have our time
and have more days
to grow
When we solidify
the solidities 
of what we know
The true realities
 are love
and respect
Everything we want
and as much
as we expect

and respect
and solid

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