She has this certain calm.
A gentle way of turning phrase
A quiet comfort attitude
An ease to her ways.

Life’s rule is seldom fair
At times downright cruel
And painful necessary choices
Bring fire from this fuel

Battered and forever bruised
Survival has made her strong
She’s fought true demons
So much right, so much wrong


Yet, she has this certain calm.
A pleasant view of her storm
A quiet comfort magnitude
A serenity of safe and warm.

Nurturing through years of turmoil
Is hard enough alone
Raising a child in her world
Grinds patience to the bone
She has to portray positivity
From a negative point of view
Has to shoulder all of the weight
And carry enough for two

Still, she has this certain calm.
A peaceful, subtle grace
A quiet comfort solitude
A gentle smile, a pretty face.

There is just something about her
An aura of ‘welcome here’
Her hazy eyes are happy
Her heart is crystal clear
 Every day is still a struggle
New challenges, same fears
You just know she’ll make it
She’s earned some happy years


Because she has this certain calm.
A sure sense of what is real
A quiet comfort attitude
A spiritual, contagious even keel…

A comfortable way to feel.

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