Sun for Every


Life is made up of many moments
A sunrise, a sunset, every day
We appreciate the little things
A thought, a glance, a certain way.

early mornings with just you and me
me only coffee, and you only tea

breakfast with family, dinner with friends
a grateful word and the message it sends

the way that we savor a good glass of wine
the way that your hand fits into minedinner for two

sitting under the moon and seeing each star
knowing the place to be is where we are

no great expense to feeling this way
we have well-spent moments every day.

Life is all about these moments
Genuine gestures of the warmest kind
Laughter and hugs, and just because
Pure perspective for the peaceful mind.

working together toward mutual goals
sharing our lives and cherishing our roles

situations we find, each and every day
sharing a smile, while the kids all play

a fresh air walk, just after we wake
discovering a new path that leads to a lake20151023_152929[1]

going to sleep with the memories we share
knowing that morning will find us there

priceless memories in small measures
trivial pleasures that are daily treasures

Life provides us with many moments                                 
The sum of the parts, plus me, plus you
Our appreciation for those little things
We add them all up, and divide by two.






You take your time to tell a story
Suspending judgment in your certain way
The complete picture is in the details
I could listen to you talk all day.
I see your eyes as they dance to life
I watch your mouth as it curves a smile
My mind caresses that little scar
I listen intently all the while.

With only a few scant precious hours
A mid-week encounter to explore what’s next
Time challenges our sensory sensations
To capture moments not found in a text.
Our time is now until we meet again
With the grip of love a little stronger
I wrap this memory inside my arms
And I hold on to it a little longer.

It’s in the words that you say
and in the things that we do.
Always discovering a little more.
I can’t get enough of you.

Kindness rooted in this mutual respect
The truth can be found in our silent vow
Compassion engrained in how we live
We’ve made good decisions to arrive at now.
But so much more exists inside us
Coming to the surface whenever we kiss
Evident and real in the passion that prevails
From the meandering trail that has led to this.

Singular spirits with common goals
Always putting our children first
Consuming life while leaving space
For all of the adventure that we thirst.
Making the most of what we have
Cheers to us and to the people we are
To living with integrity and determined grit
The distance between us never too far.

Yet it is distant just the same
and puts limits on what we do
Always hoping for a little more.
I can’t get enough of you.

It’s the little things that make us tick
I soak them all in until we meet again
Until now aligns with place and time
And where and how just lead to when.
But mostly I notice you, and why I feel
The excitement and that parting ache
How much better it is to have you there
Lying right beside me when I wake.

Never enough hours for us to share
and mornings together are far too few
Always leaving me wanting more.
I can’t get enough of you.



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